Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slack wax?

Slack Wax is derived from lubricating oils and are less refined high oil products. These high oils have relatively high oil content and processed further to produce more refined waxes. Most slack waxes do not meet FDA requirements for food packaging.

What is slack wax used for?

Behran Slack Wax Can be used as blending components or water proofing agent in the manufacture of various industrial products such as candles, canvass coatings and composite wood panels. These waxes can also function as controlled release agents for various chemicals and fertilizers.

What is the difference between slack wax and paraffin wax?

Scale wax is essentially a cost effective alternative to a fully refined paraffin wax. The primary difference is the oil content, which ranges from 1% to 1.5% and lower melt points.

Why is wax good for wood?

The smooth feel on wooden surfaces makes wood waxes pleasant for use on furniture that's used a lot, and since it sits atop the wood rather than absorbing into the surface, it keeps the look of your piece natural and highlights interesting wood grain features.

Is wax better than oil for wood?

According to our observations, many tests, experiences and hundreds of impregnated tables, hard wax oil is the best product for impregnation. It combines the best properties of oil and varnish – brings out the natural look of wood and protects the tabletop against stains.

Is slack wax flammable?

Slack wax has a flashpoint of above 200 °C and an initial boiling point above 280 °C. It is not flammable according to UN GHS criteria, but will burn. It is neither self-reactive, nor self-heating and do not undergo exothermic decomposition when heated.
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